Sushi Night !

Sushi...I just love it ! It's an acquired taste for some. Natural for others. And some hate it. I had my first sushi platter while visiting Granville Island, Vancouver for my first time in the late 1980's (that long ago ??). In those days sushi was not popular in Montreal at all, however when I returned, to my delight I discovered a new restaurant on what we call "The Main", (or on Boulevard Saint Laurent), called "Le Sushi Bar". It was a rather small restaurant, devoted to only sushi, decorated in black marble, with black mirrors and a long sushi "bar". I quickly became a regular - frequenting the restaurant at least twice a month - which meant I had my own "dedicated" chopsticks on their "wall of fame".

It was then that I became good friends with master sushi chef Tri Du. A tiny little man, extremely funny and more creative than anyone I've met in the sushi world.
Over the years I have watched him prepare his sushi, sashimi, special salads and tempura and have in the past few years ventured to make my own. While my are a far cry from his, they are nevertheless pretty good for an amateur ! Here are some pictures from the sushi I made this weekend, but I will not attempt to teach you how to make them. You are better off learning by watching a good video - there are many on google or by getting yourself a good Japanese cookbook.

Sushi (Home made) with Tempura