Even great creators make mistakes (and funny ones at times) !

Well last night was definitely one of those funny ones.

I had this "great idea" of making a soup bowl out of pastry as I am sure I have seen one somewhere before...though have never made it. And, I wanted to fill it with a lobster stew.

So I set out to make it...all the while rolling my puff pastry wondering how on earth I was going to make this brilliant idea of mine. Then it came to me - like the light bulb suddenly turned on - AHA! I decided to turn two small oven dishes upside down and cover them with the pasty, like a mold. Good idea (initially) except I made a huge mistake (huge for me, anyway): I wanted to make sure the pastry would stick to the bowls so I wet them slightly...mistake, mistake - which I only discovered after I took them out of the oven. I must say they looked beautiful and exactly as I had planned in my head...but alas, they stuck so well that I could not remove them ! It was hilarious, my husband was laughing his head off at the whole scenario...there I was trying to get them off and all I ended up with was a heap of crumbled, but very tasty pastry !

So, great idea but I should have buttered the outside of the bowls - that way the pastry could be gently lifted off.. Oh well, as they say, we live and learn. We ate the pastry with the lobster stew anyway and it was I might add, delicious !