Squash and Tomato Soup

Here is a delightful, heartwarming soup for a fall day that is really easy and healthy !
You can use any type of squash except spaghetti squash. In this recipe I used a combination of Butternut and Pumpkin.

Squash and Tomato Soup
Time: 25 mins
Effort: Easy
Serves 4-6

1 medium sized butternut squash, peeled and cored, cut into cubes
1/2 a small pumpkin, peeled and cored, cut into cubes
1 large ripe tomato
2 cups water and 2 beef bouillon cubes or use 2 cups beef bouillon
Salt & fresh ground pepper to taste
8 thin slices of chorizo (optional)
4-6 tbsp sour cream or plain yogurt

In a large pot with steaming basket, add the pumpkin and squash cubes with enough water to come to the base of the steaming basket. Steam on medium high until they are very soft. Remove them from the basket but keep the water. In a food processor, puree the squash and pumpkin, adding a little water as you go because it will become very thick. In the leftover water from steaming, add a little more and bring to a rolling boil. While still boiling, add the tomato. Let it boil for several minutes until the skin starts to curl. Remove and cool slightly, discarding the water. Lift off the skin and remove the stalk or head, then chop the tomato and simmer in the same pot until it has become a pulp. (About 10 minutes, stirring from time to time). Add the tomato mixture to the squash and puree again. If necessary, add more water. Turn the whole puree into the pot and add remaining water (or bouillon) - the consistency should be thick, but not too thick. If you only used water, then add 2 bouillon cubes and simmer on low, stirring. Adjust salt to your liking. Serve garnished with 2 slices of chorizo (optional), ground pepper and a tablespoon of sour cream or yogurt.