I miss Gourmet Magazine...a letter to Ruth Reichl

I don't usually write "stories" or my thoughts on my blog because I am not very good at writing. But this time I had to.
Yesterday I was musing through my cookbook shelf, and looked longingly at the few remaining "Gourmet Magazines" I had kept. Sadly thinking, why didn't I save all the copies I'd kept over the many years of being a subscriber ? I should have.
Picking out one of the copies I kept: "Special Summer Entertaining Issue - July 2009" (a few months before Conde Nast decided to fold it), I did what I used to do every time I received a new issue: I turned to the page "Letter from the editor - Ruth Reichl". Such a great writer, so down to earth.... that's when I realised for the umpteenth time in ten years how much I miss that magazine, and, Ruth Reichl. The supposed substitute for that magazine is "Bon Appetit" - in my opinion not worth the paper it's printed on. And Ruth, though I know you are still around and I read your blog and tweets, it's just not the same.

I am also not an avid reader of books, novels etc. as I am way too picky, but yesterday I picked up a copy of Ruth's book " Garlic and Sapphires".... started reading it this morning, and haven't been able to put it down. (Except for now of course as I write this). It is real, it is funny, it is true. Can't wait to read her other books!

Summer is around the corner, and I wish there would be another new issue of Gourmet Magazine in my mailbox, with a wonderful letter from the editor: Ruth Reichl.

Ruth, (if I may call you by your first name) I hope you read this with pride, wherever you are !