Scallops in White Port Aspic

The idea for this recipe came from looking at some oriental type spoons I have, wanting to make something quite original with Scallops...raw... So here we go. They were beyond delicious ! No picture...sorry!
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Time: 1 hour or more
Effort: Easy
Serves: 4

4 large fresh sea scallops
1 cup beef bouillon chilled
1 packet of powder gelatin
1/4 cup white Port wine
Salt & pepper to taste
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 leaves of Cilantro (Coriander leaves)

Mix a 1/4 cup of the bouillon with the gelatin and let stand until the gelatin has softened. Heat up another 1/4 cup bouillon to boiling and add to the gelatin mixture, stirring constantly until the gelatin has dissolved. Add the remaining bouillon, Port wine, lemon juice and salt & pepper to taste. Chill for no more than 5 minutes - until it's the consistency of a raw egg white. Place a scallop on each spoon and coat with the aspic mixture. Top with one Cilantro leaf and chill until firm. Serve as an appetizer on a bed of salad or as cocktail bites.