Chef To Order - A recipe booklet created for a client with specific dietary needs

"Chef To Order" - a recipe booklet created for a client with specific needs
Recently I was contacted by a woman who had lost complete inspiration for cooking because she has very specific allergies and is intolerant most or many of the common foods we all cook with on a daily basis. She contacted me in total desperation, asking whether I could create a "few" recipes just for her, based on her specific needs.

At first I hesitated, because I am not a dietician nor have I ever handled such a project. However, I asked her to describe in detail her allergies and intolerances, so instead she sent me the results from her allergist. The list is a very long one - this client is intolerant to all the things I love to eat and cook with, such as tomatoes and red peppers! 

I contemplated the idea for a couple of days and then decided I would take on the project - why ? I wanted to see if I could inspire this woman to love cooking again, and of course for me it was a personal challenge. So I set out for the next two weeks researching intolerances, substitutes, ingredients in various condiments etc. Lots and lots of reading!

Finally, I made a list (not long) of the common foods and additives we use with their substitutes - for me and for her. Then I started creating recipes, and decided I would not write only a few, but that I would write a book of recipes just for her - testing the recipes as I created, tweaking them here and there. 

In the end, I proudly produced a book that contained 39 original recipes from salads and soups, to sauces and main dishes and delivered it to her in a PDF format. I called the book "Chef To Order", which seemed fitting.

Here is her response when she received the book:

"OMG!!!!!!!! this looks so great. I can't wait to be home and print it and bring it to the kitchen.
I will let you know .....SO HAPPY !!!!" and "Hi Lynn,
The recipes are just fabulous and are giving me a ton of ideas for family menu. This is going to be great. You gave me my motivation back. Thanks so much!"

And here is the card she made for me in thanks. I am so happy to have helped someone out and inspired them to cook again with passion !

If you also have specific dietary needs, perhaps I can help you out ?
Please contact me if you would like more information.